3rd February – Sean Murphy on Scottish Lowland language outside Scotland

The next seminar of the graduate diaspora workshop will be on Tuesday 3rd February at 1pm in room G16. Sean Murphy, who is in the second year of his PhD at St Andrews, will be speaking on ‘Verbal tartanry: Lowland language and the associational culture of the Scottish diaspora’.

Please join us on Tuesday at 1pm for what promises to be a fascinating talk.

Diasporic Trajectories: Transnational Cultures in the 21st Century

Another great initiative that is about to start at the University of Edinburgh is the ‘Diasporic Trajectories: Transnational Cultures in the 21st Century’ seminar series. Based in the Institute of Advanced Studies in the Humanities, the ‘Diasporic Trajectories’ series aims to encourage underexplored comparative perspectives on a range of diaspora-related themes. The first seminar will take place on Friday 13 February between 2 and 5pm (the two talks will be separated by a coffee break). The speakers will be:

Prof. Janet Wilson, ‘”Wavering between two worlds”: Liminality in anglophone diaspora writing’

Prof. Charles Forsdick, ‘Beyond the francophone: postcolonialism, comparatism, transnationalism’
For more information, see the website.

Dr Jumana Bayeh speaks at IMES on Monday 26th January

A lecture that may be of interest to students of the diaspora is being held by the Department of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies (University of Edinburgh) on Monday 26th January.

Dr Jumana Bayeh of Macquarie University (Sydney) will be speaking on ‘Palestine and the Figure of the Palestinian in Lebanese Diaspora Literature’ at 5.30pm in room G2 of the Dept of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, 19 George Square. The lecture is free, open to all, and followed by a drinks reception.

For more information, please see the Edinburgh Palestine Lecture website.

Sophie Cooper on the Irish in Melbourne

Thank you to everyone who came along to our first seminar of this semester’s series. There was a great turnout for Sophie’s paper and some really interesting questions were asked.

In a fortnight’s time we have Sean Murphy from St Andrews speaking to us on Lowland language and the associational culture of the Scottish diaspora.

Everyone is welcome to join us in room G16 of the William Robertson Wing at 1pm.

Happy New Semester!

Hello and happy new year,

As well as the graduate seminar series, the Scottish Centre for Diaspora Studies hosts a lecture series throughout the year. Please see the website for more information.

The first lecture of semester two will take place on Wednesday 14th January and will be Dr Hugh Morrison speaking on notions of Scottish cultural identity in missionary families in New Zealand.

We hope to see you at some of the SCDS events this semester – the first graduate seminar will be on Tuesday 20th January at 1pm.