Roseanna Doughty on the British media’s portrayal of the IRA


The last seminar of this year’s diaspora seminar programme will take place tomorrow (15 March) at 1pm in room G15 of the William Robertson Wing, Old Medical School, University of Edinburgh. We are very pleased to welcome Roseanna Doughty who will be speaking on the subject of “Under the gaze of Churchill’: Press Representations of the IRA and the Irish in Britain during the 1970s’.

Please join us – everyone is very welcome.

Aileen Lobban on ‘Dub Poetry – the journey, the roar, and the lesser fury’


Today’s graduate diaspora seminar will be Aileen Lobban who will be speaking on ‘Dub Poetry – the journey, the roar, and the lesser fury’. This paper will focus on the transference of cultural memory from the Jamaican dancehalls of the form’s origin to the shores of North America.
We’ll be meeting in G15 (William Robertson Wing, Doorway 4, Old Medical School) at 1pm today – all are welcome.